News for this academic year

With the new workouts, there are some minor changes that we have introduced in the section. These are in particular the training times and the member fees:

  1. Since September this year, the member fee is CZK 2,800 per semester. Account number and due date remain.
  2. For individual lessons, CZK 1,000 per semester is still paid. This amount, however, covers ONLY 15x individual training with a pre-arranged trainer once a week for 20 to 30 minutes. Everything extra, the fencer is also paying extra (more lessons during the semester). If a fencer takes an hour lesson, the amount paid by him will double to CZK 2,000 per semester. If a competitor wants a special one-time school before the tournament, he/she will pay in cash at the training after an agreement (the fee remains at CZK 100 per hour, fencer can pay only half an hour).
  3. The times of Monday and Wednesday training are changing. You can find a detailed table in the Courses.
  4. Friday free duels – always after an agreement. The information will always be on time on the website and on the board in the fencing room.